Covid-19 Pandemic

Challenges for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

It is a fact that Greece is assuming the Chairmanship at a critical time and under very difficult circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In such an unprecedented and different context, the Greek Chairmanship considers it even more imperative to highlight the fundamental principles and values lying at  the core of the Council of Europe’s mission: Democracy, the Rule of Law and the Protection of Human Rights.

The unfortunate developments that Europe and the whole world are facing due to the sanitary crisis are, simultaneously, a call for every democratic society governed by the rule of law to reiterate its commitment to these principles and values but from a whole new perspective.

A perspective defined on the one hand by the continuous struggle to protect human life and public health and on the other hand by the challenges and constraints under which States, societies and citizens are called to adapt their functions.

The Greek Chairmanship considers that this unprecedented challenge for our European political culture and institutional tradition calls for the Council of Europe to place the matter at the front line of debate.