E- Chairmanship

Due to the current conditions of emergency, the Greek Chairmanship of the Council of Europe will operate mainly digitally.

It will be essentially an E-Chairmanship.

The majority of the Chairmanship’s events will be held via teleconferencing and live streaming. The digital platform of the Greek Chairmanship will serve as a point of reference.

Our goal is not only to protect the human life and the public health, but also to bring the Council of Europe closer to people, especially the younger ones.

The Digital Chairmanship (E-Chairmanship) will transmit events and activities of the Council of Europe through new technologies.

The E-Chairmanship is not just a solution in the conditions of the current health crisis. It is also our evident obligation towards technological challenges, which often facilitate and enhance access to information and knowledge.

After all, digital reality is an integral part of our daily lives, determining our social behavior and habits.