Investing in the future – the rights of younger people

The Greek Chairmanship intends to highlight the need for all of us, citizens, democratic societies and member States, to concentrate on the younger generations, as they represent the future.

This comes following the adoption of the “New Strategy of the Council of Europe on Youth 2030”, last January in Strasbourg, aimed to be the basis for the application of the programme “Youth for Democracy” with a decade’s horizon and to provide the necessary political thrust.

A wide range of issues relating to young people form an array of critical fields of interest for today’s Europe: education, brain-drain, sports, climate change and protection of cultural heritage, exploitation of children, unaccompanied minors. These issues constitute key policy priorities for Greece, also at a national level and, at the same time, attract the vivid interest of countries in South Eastern Europe. The countries of the Mediterranean, with which Greece maintains longstanding relations of friendship and co-operation, are also welcome to participate in this dialogue.