Protecting cultural heritage from climate change and safeguarding the right of the younger generation to unhindered enjoyment of cultural heritage

In light of the relevant initiative taken by Greece and presented at the United Nations in September 2019, this unit focuses on raising youth awareness of the wealth represented by cultural heritage and the need to safeguard the right of young people to share this heritage with their fellow human beings and citizens, as well as on the duty of each generation to pass this heritage on to the next generation unharmed by the impacts of climate change.

The cultural heritage of a people is of great importance for shaping their identity, their historical continuity and their self-identification on the stage of history.

Thus, safeguarding and protecting this heritage takes on decisive importance if seen as an inviolable right of the younger generation today and future generations to receive this heritage protected from and unharmed by any factor that may threaten it.

The impacts of climate change, which every organized state has a duty to respond to in a timely manner through planning and bold decisions, must not impact the right of young people to continue to enjoy and take pride in their cultural heritage, as did previous generations.